Types of bikes for bike sharing

Most of us like to travel. Be it a short trip, or honeymoon, or bachelor’s trip or just a casual day out, we all like to roam about. What makes these trips special is whom we are with and how did we make our trip. The other things like the hotels, the food, and the climate definitely matter but there is absolutely no charm if there is no adventure. And to promote this sense of adventure, the tourism departments are coming up with varied ideas and one of the most common ideas is bike sharing.

Since bike sharing has become such an important part of tourism department, it is necessary to have good and varied types of bikes ready for the tourists. Most of the bike share companies have the rule of lending their bikes for short trips that is on hourly basis of contract. This eventually maintains the safety of the bike and also helps to track the travellers. After all they are foreign people who come to visit the places.

The first thing that should be remembered for making a good bike for the tourists that they should have the accelerators and the speed breakers placed correctly. Also, they should not have any unnecessary fancy technologies embedded in them. Bikes are preferred over car sharing as they are easy to ride and park. For instance, on a sea shore, it is easy to move about on a bike than in a car and also feel the soft breeze.

What about the safety of the bike? Some bike sharers have their bike insured against theft or misuse. This is specially done by the people who have very costly and fancy bikes on share. According to the rules, you have to enrol the names of the tenants of the bikes and have to check their papers for identity. After everything seems to be in place, you can now allow the tourists to have the bike. They would still be checked in every check posts for their safety and security.

The bikes that are meant for sharing have some posters of the local advertisement. You can even chose the next bike sharing company from those advertisements. After the tourists return the bike, it should be your duty to take care of the bike, to check its gears, its speed breakers so that the next customer can feel he is special to you.

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