Be an entrepreneur in bike sharing business

After returning from a short trip from the mountains, I was really wondering how it will be if I can start up my own tourism business. Of all the industries prevailing in the world, tourism industry is a booming sector and according to the experts it will remain as a growing industry for a long time. Actually, there are many numbers of people, just like me, who love to travel and they have adventure in their blood. To have the setup of an entire tourism industry may be difficult to start with but how about starting up a bike sharing business?

The term bike sharing is no more new for the people who have the habit of roaming about frequently. Be it your honeymoon, or bachelor’s trip or just a casual leave from the daily routine, you can always share the feeling of adventure. The foremost thing that I had to keep in mind before I could start up my bike sharing business is that I have to be responsible. It is not possible for beginners to buy too many bikes at a time and thus we like to borrow it from our friends. Once you borrow it from your friend, you have to be very much responsible for the bike.

Another way how you can start up your business is you can start to lend your own bike and save all the money to buy another one and go on with the procedure. Now once you are solved with the problem of number of bikes, you can go for the price charts. To attract more of customers, you should start with low price. Once you come at par with the existing bike sharing companies, you can have the same rate chart as them. Also, the tourists are foreigners to the country. They need safety and security. For that, you need to have the bike’s number registered with the authorised department. There will be regular security checks in the log in and log out stations.

You should be aware of the rules that are put up by the government about bike sharing. Generally, the helmet is not given to the travellers but it is constantly encouraged to have the helmet put on. The bikes are generally rented on hourly basis that is for short trips. You can also come up with special packages like annual memberships or premium memberships to attract more tourists. Most importantly, treat your customers well.


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